Thursday, July 26, 2012

Work-Life Balance :: Forming Healthy Habits

"...stress seems to be a very acceptable form of mental illness in our society." — Tamara Lackey

It's totally not okay to work yourself to the bone. Im 200% guilty of this without even realising it. I love what I'm doing so it doesn't feel like work and over the past year I've stayed up till countless sunrises all for the sake of tweaking websites, fussing over photos, worrying about fonts and logos and of course (this is the very excusable one) watching creativeLIVE.

I can handle it now because I'm young, healthy and enthusiastic but what happens in a few years when I burn out and no longer love photography? Tragedy strikes!! So....this week has been the beginning of my lifelong healthy work-life habits. 

  • I'm officially declaring "Office Hours". 
  • I work with a timer near by to keep me on task. 
  • As recommended by the gorgeous Tamara Lackey, I'm taking 15 minute breaks at 90 minute intervals. On these 15 minute breaks I walk — for exercise, fresh air and escape from the work space.
  • I've got a massive 1.5 litre water bottle beside my computer and it's refilled at least once a day and emptied into my tummy twice.
  • When it's time to work I wear "work clothes" — yes, I'm dressing up to work from home lol. When it's time to rest, I change into comfy clothes and pour myself a cup of tea.
  • I'm reading fiction in the evening to turn off my brain and rekindle my love for stories.
  • I'm eating healthier and exercising more (Miggy & I have started a weight loss competition that's to last 15 weeks! Eek! I lost this week so I have to face a forfeit. He's making me join him on his workout each day — intimidating prospect :P)
  • I learning to leave thing unfinished — to be picked up and finished later. This one is tough. I like pushing through to the end but it drains me!
  • I've been observing and recording how I spend my time. I'll turn these observations into useful statistics about my life and use them to create an effective daily/weekly schedule.
Oh the list goes on.
What are you doing today to make sure you retain energy in and for your life?