Friday, July 13, 2012

A New Adventure : Glamour Photography

People love to keep projects under wraps and then POW! unleash them as a big surprise. Surprising people is fun so I totally get why we always do this but I'm up rocking the boat.

I've been working on something exciting for a few weeks now and keeping rather quiet about it. I've been intimidated by the prospect of sharing my plans & developments. It's nerve-wracking to reveal things because you never know how people will react. Anyway, rather than stressin' about a "grande reveal" I figured it would be much more fun to share my ideas as I go & to invite you along for the ride. So please, join me as my latest adventure unravels and blossoms! It's a work in progress & here we go...

I'm going to be a glamour photographer. That's right my friends. GLAMOUR!! It's pretty much a dirty word these days. One of the following definitions is probably running through your head :

glamour photography (n) : slutty pictures on page 3 of the cheap newspapers


glamour photography (n) : super outdated cheesy portraits from the 1980's with pink boas & baby-blue eyeshadow

Well my's neither! Here's my definition...

glamour photography (a la Chamonix) : fashion-inspired portraits of everyday real women who want to celebrate, discover or rediscover how beautiful they are. yes they can be sexy too ;) and what woman doesn't want to feel confident, beautiful and sexy?! sensual is probably a more appropriate word than sexy really because we're talking about a much more sophisticated type of sexy. it's a type of sexy that doesn't have anything to do with what you're wearing (or not wearing).

So what about weddings?
I have a few more on my calendar that I'm soooo excited to shoot. I'll still be available to photograph weddings forever because it's a fab business and I love it but from now on I'll be putting my energy into nurturing & promoting my glamour photography.

I'm currently working on how this new focus is going to be integrated with my current business. Lots to think about like logos, websites, blogs, stationary etc... Does anything need to change and if it does, how should it change? So I'm a few weeks into this journey already and now that you're on board I won't have to do all of this thinking alone. I can't wait to share more with you so stick around :D