Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rhia the Mermaid Rockstar Groupie

More images from Sunday's shoot with Rhiannon comin' atcha right now!!! In fact, I feel like going a little crazy today...I'm going to share two sets with you today! Whoop Whoop :D 

First off, can I just say...isn't her hair incredible!!? We coloured her eyes with turquoise shadow and silver sparkles and then whipped out some brand new black cherry lipstick/gloss. We were shooting in Miggy's parent's guest bedroom where Miggy keeps his drumset (yes, my husband plays the, I know :P). 

For this first set, we laid a massive blue bedsheet on the floor beneath the window and used the matching pillow case as her top. We spread out her hair, surrounded her with white reflectors and I photographed her from above while trying not to laugh as she said she could see straight up my skirt (which didn't really matter since I was wearing leggings :P). This first set makes me think of mermaids. The first image doesn't even look like Rhiannon since from that angle her face looks really round but I just LOVE the hair :P 

Now prepare yourself for this second set which we've entitled "Rhia the Rockstar Groupie" (ha!). 

At first I was worried when Rhiannon suggested that we use the room as a background. These were the last images we took that day so the light was fading fast and I was thinking we'd only get usable images right beside the window. As it turns out, I think she was right — always follow inspiration my friends and never be afraid to just try ideas! Most of the time the random ideas are the ones that work out to be the best. The darkness of the room contrasted really well with the window light that bounced off of Rhiannon — it gave a sort of spotlight effect.

Check out this sexy lady.... Smokin' right?! The top right image is my personal favourite. I just love the way her hair runs all the way from the top to the bottom of the photo. 
Guess what? I have more photos to show you! At least another two sets are hiding in my back pocket. Isn't that just the most exciting thing you've heard all day? :P You'll have to check back again tomorrow for the other images. Oh and did I mention that as you read this Rhiannon and I are shooting more!? That's right, today we're at it again — shoot #6. We're just like creative soul mates or something because we can't seem to get enough. I don't know what I'm going to do when I move to America. I'll have to squeeze Rhia into my carry-on luggage. 

I would never have "found" Rhia if I hadn't spoken up at a dinner party that we were both at last month. Someone asked me how I was and I said I was a little down because I couldn't find reliable models. She volunteered thinking to herself, "What the heck, it'll be fun." and the rest is history. 

So today's lesson is don't be afraid to ask. Ask & you shall receive!