Saturday, July 28, 2012


Today is a tragic day...we've run out of peanut butter. :Oh no! On the upside though, I finished reading another book from The Big Read :: BBC's Top 100 Books List!!! Life of Pi by Yann Martel

What a joyous way to start the day — Saturday morning sunshine pouring in through the window, me all cozy in my sleeping bag (yes, I sleep inside a sleeping bag in my bed with the duvet over the top — what can I say...I get cold and the sleeping bag makes for my own little toasty oven, anyway...) and just a few more finger-nail biting pages between me and the back cover.

I had perfect timing finishing this book since the trailer for the move was just released. I recommend reading before watching (The film comes out in November so you've got plenty of time). From the look of the trailer, the film is going to have more vibrant colour and sparkle to it than what I saw in my imagination — I like that :D

Read this book if you like:
picking up survival tips
exploring the mind of humans coping in difficult situations
learning about how animals function in the wild vs. in zoos

For some silly reason, I find it very difficult to cope with different book cover designs. I always want to see a book represented by the cover that was on the book that I read. I realise this is very "I'm the center of the universe" of me — oh well. So just to set the record straight...this is the cover that was on my copy of Life of Pi....

Right, now that that's settled you are free to have a lovely day :P