Friday, June 29, 2012

Full Time Photography [& a Sunflower!]

Today is the last working day in June & it was also my last day working in The Crystal Shop! You know what that means? I am now free to spend 100% of my working time/energy on photography! I'm so excited and what makes it even sweeter is that back in November I was writing goals and my #1 goal was....

Full Time Photography by June 2012

Goals do come true :P Now I currently do not have enough money in the bank to sustain me for long so 'full-time photography' is really going to have to mean 'full-time photography' and not 'full-time thinking about photography.' I've gotta find me some jobs :P I can't wait to see what I come up with. I have a sneaky suspicion that I'm going to have to hop out of my comfort zone to make this work. :P

Last night Rhiannon came over again for another photo shoot. This time she was singing (with a gorgeous voice that I got to hear for the first time) and I was holding down my shutter button to take continuous still photos of her movement. So many of those images are blurry and she's making odd faces but it was really fun.

I'm writing this blog post in the university library and just a minute ago my phone rang — embarrassing. It was Miggy and the signal was bad so I couldn't hear him but he couldn't hear me. We were getting irritated with each other and then finally he told me to walk out of the library. Reluctantly, I left my computer behind and stomped out towards the rain. I saw him standing there with his back to me. He had told me on the phone that he was going to the gym so what was he doing here at the library? I walked up to him and when I was close he turned around with a big bright happy sunflower!!!!!!! He said I needed a happy flower for a happy day! :D

He'd been waiting for me outside The Crystal Shop to surprise me with this beautiful "Congratulations, You're Done!" flower but I wasn't coming out for ages! He didn't realise that I had been allowed to leave the shop early today as a special treat. So that's why he called me wondering where I was. ha! Sneaky man. I'm soo happy :D I LOVE surprises and a flower surprise is often the best. He's soo sweeet!

So now that I am officially fully self-employed (farewell Crystal Shop!) and I have a beautiful sunflower sitting beside my computer, I am very happy. I hope you have a happy day too! :D