Thursday, November 28, 2013

Maile's Maui Mini-Movie — My First Family Film

Happy Thanksgiving! In honor of this family holiday, I'm publishing my very first family film!! After three weeks of waiting and 7.5 hours of work, I am so excited to publish Maile's Maui Mini-Movie!! We recorded it at Waihee Beach Park in Maui, Hawaii. We filmed for 1.5hrs and I was totally worried that I hadn't captured enough video footage and that I'd spent too much time recording little feet running in the sand and not enough smiley faces at the camera. I was all stressed about so many little things. But in the end, I'm a happy camper. I've already learned a bundle of useful lessons that I can use for my next family film! Woohoo for lessons learned the hardway! Before her shoot, Maile shared with me that her family is going through a rough time at the moment and she wanted the film and the pictures to capture the 'happy times' with her children so they can have something to remind them that everything is going to be OK. Thank you so much Maile for trusting me with this wonderful project. I'm so excited to share it with all of you. I hope you are flooded with happy memories when you look at your images and watch your film!