Friday, November 1, 2013

Black Bikini Maui Photo Shoot at Baldwin Beach with Ellie Ray

Last weekend, I met Ellie at Baldwin Beach for her Maui beach portraits. Like most women, she brought her entire closet with her in the back of her car. I love when women do this because it gives us so much choice for wardrobe! She also came with lots of creative ideas for her shoot but my favorite was the bikini-leather-jacket-jewelry combo. It seemed like it was the kind of vision that should be on every photographer's bucket list — "Photograph a model in a black bikini with a leather jacket and gold jewelry sitting on a giant rock on a beach in Hawaii…at sunset." In the past couple weeks, I've done a few shoots for Karma at this beach and she showed me this awesome rock. I love it for family portraits because it's so big everyone can cram on and cuddle. But of course, I was stroking my chin and concocting visions of my own photo shoots and how I could photograph a woman on this awesome rock of glory. So when Ellie arrived with her long golden locks and piercing eyes, I knew she was the one….the one who was worthy of the rock LOL jk. 

Ellie's an actress so while we were taking pictures she was telling me all about the Maui film industry and how it's growing. She's going to be in a short film this year! I love talking to the women I work with and hearing about what they're doing with their lives. Women's lives are always so interesting and you can never tell what they're up to just from the photographs. I turned the final images black and white for the beautiful simplicity that it creates. When we remove all the colors, it makes it so much easier to focus on shapes, light and expressions. I really love how it makes Ellie pop out from the dark background. The rock is like a platform that puts her in the spotlight and you can just barely see a hint of pretty palm leaves blending in behind her. Thank you so much Ellie for playing dress up with me at the beach!