Sunday, November 10, 2013

{Grateful on Sunday} Enjoying the Tropics

Happy Sunday morning! Today I'm writing to you from the Big Island of Hawaii! I am with my mom and a couple of our close family friends and today we're off on a lava-seeking adventure! It's so fun seeing new places and exploring how different each Hawaiian island is! I'm here for 3.5 days and this mini-holiday is just what the doctor ordered. In fact, I'm here with my entire medical staff - I'm on holiday with my nurse, doctor and physical therapist -  safest trip ever! Ha! 

This week I am grateful for smoothies,

sunglasses that make the world sunnier,


shopping for insane amounts of tropical-themed alcohol with friends in Costco,

pretty bedsheets,

refreshing tropical downpours that kinda remind me of seattle,

Oreos dipped in chocolate!!!!!

my new fav... salted Carmel mocha frapaccinos :),

photo shoots in the ocean 

trips with family (especially when they pay for your ticket hehe)

enjoy a beautiful weekend my friends!!!