Sunday, November 17, 2013

{Grateful on Sunday} Indulgence and Greens

Aloha Sunday!!!
Man, have I had a week of indulgence! I basically boycotted vegetables and went full speed ahead with licorice, mochas, bagels and cheese! Ugh...I'm paying for it now with a squishy belly and shaky hands. So last night I went on a late night excursion to the grocery store and loaded up on the good green stuff. Miggy is working late nights at the restaurant so I've been entertaining myself with audiobooks and playing around with ideas for my photography business. I've been working on a new look for my brand that's more "me". It's been a fun adventure on Pinterest haha This morning I'm up bright and early with the sunrise. I LOVE LOVE LOVE waking up before the sun and the rest of the world - especially here in Hawaii where waking up early means I get to wear a flannel shirt & sweatshirt! I shimmied up to my local Starbucks for a Skype date with dad - fab way to start my day. This morning I'm driving up to Paia (a cute small town on the north coast of Maui) for an ice cream date with a new photography friend on the island! I've got a photo shoot tonight at the beach and then I'm going to have a power session with my audiobook (I'm determined to finish it this weekend!!!)  I hope you have a WONDERFUL week ahead of you! 

Today I am grateful for delicious kettle chips and driving in a convertible at night with Miggy,

Pataya smoothies (dragonfruit - yum!) and super expensive healthy salad bars, 

 taking the time to write letters and even write the addresses with cute handwriting!,

putting my money where my mouth is (literally haha) and not letting price stop me from buying food that is good for me,

how Hawaii is getting all "holiday themed" despite 85 degree weather (it's ridiculous seeing snowflakes on the windows of Starbucks haha), 

a Skype date with dad, 

What are you grateful for today?