Friday, November 22, 2013

Rebranding My Business - Choosing Colors

Hello my friends!

So some fun peachy news today... my Hawaii sabbatical is going splendidly. I've been resting & recuperating after a 2 year stint of workaholism, enjoying a regular paycheck from Karma Hill's photography studio, learning new photography & business techniques and getting more and more excited about running my own business again - but this time... much better! 

One of my primary concerns over the past few months has been the brand of my business and how well it represented ME and the mission behind what I do. My brand identity was sleek and pretty but I felt like it was lacking my personality and energy. 

I spent AGES on Pinterest, observing myself. Seeing what images and designs I'm attacted to. I made at least 20 lists of things (and words) that resonate with me. I've gathered feedback from friends - that's been the most useful part of the puzzle. 

For a while I was thinking about black and white stripes (those of you clever Sherlock Holmes out there who follow me on Pinterest may have picked up on this haha). Check out my Black & White Stripes inspiration board on Pinterest!

But my concern was that despite how funky this patterning was, it was also too distracting and therefore stressful for me. So I moved on. I looked back at my life and you know what I found? PINK & ORANGE. Those were the colors I always used on my AOL instant messenger and Myspace profiles. haha Those were the colors of the pages I ripped out of magazines. Two years ago, I realized this love of PINK & ORANGE and I tried to make it work on my website but I couldn't figure it out and I gave up. I felt like these colors were too playful and not professional enough or something. Well, I've realized that maybe I'm not as serious as I'd like to think. I could use a little more color in my life. ;) So, it's risen up again and this time I'm going to listen to my gut. I'm moving forward with PEACH & gold and all the pretty shades of pink->peach->orange->golds that come along with it. Ever since making that decision, my mind has been at ease and I feel so excited about my band identity and all the possibilities. Check out my "Peach" Inspiration Board on Pinterest. 

So this is what I'm working on in my free-time these days. 
Taking my company forward into it's next's peachy keen chapter! ;) I would love to see any peachy cool things you find! Send your peachy ideas my way ;) 

Lots of love, xoxo Chamonix