Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Mini-Vacation on the Big Island

Last week I flew from Maui to the Big Island (shortest plane trip ever!) to spend a mini-vacation with my mom and our good family friends Mani & Lorenna. We stayed at the Wyndam Kona Hawaiian Resort and we went on mega road trips up and down the entire West coast of the island! Lots of time in the car BUT totally worth it to see so much cool scenery! Jungles, lava fields, cliffs, cactus, cows, black sand beaches and lots of trees! At the black sand beach, everyone was photographing the sea turtles (which I saw) but I opted to sit in the hot sand and create a design out of small lava stones while talking with my grandma on the phone. I was traveling with the paparazzi, pulling over every 5 minutes to take pictures, hanging their heads out the window snapping photographs of bushes that were zooming by at 5,000 miles an hour. So funny. Of course, I'm not one to resist an impromptu photo shoot on the roadside! I was tempted to bring my big pro camera but at the last minute I decided to leave it at home and just rely on my fancy little iPhone. All of the pictures below were snapped with my iPhone. I'm so amazed with how well it does! Technology, eh? We finished our long weekend with a DELICIOUS dinner at Lava Java to celebrate my 25th birthday which is rolling around at the end of this month! The restaurant sent me home with a surprise cinnamon roll which we devoured for breakky the next morning! In my last hours before catching the 30 minute plane trip back to Maui, I lounged on the porch and watched the little pride of domestic lions sunbathing on the rocks outside our hotel. Cats everywhere! I loved it :D Thank you mom for flying me over. It was wonderful to see the Big Island and spend time with you!