Wednesday, November 6, 2013

{My Happiness Project} Loving from a Distance & My Letter Production Line

It's month three of My Happiness Project! November's theme is 'Loving.' My goal is to improve the way that I love other people, primarily focusing on how to make them feel loved. Of course, this includes little acts of kindness, little compliments and lots of hugs and kisses to the people who are around me. But seeing as the majority of people I love are scattered around the globe, far away from me here on this little rock in the Pacific, I think my main aim is to master the art of making people (who are very far away) feel loved. 

One way that I try to make my friends and family feel loved is to write them letters. I became a regular letter writer when I moved to Scotland for university and writing letters was how my grandma and I stayed in touch. Our regular correspondence has become one of the most beautiful joys of my life and both of us have saved ALL of our letters to each other. I hope one day to make a big book of them all. I wish more people experienced this beautiful art form because I think it's the most wonderful form of communication. Click here to read more about THE ART OF WRITING LETTERS.

Since moving to Hawaii, I've created a spreadsheet that keeps track of who I send letters to and how often I'm sending them. (And people accuse me of being type-A? It's totally normal to create spreadsheets for your social activities, right? haha) I'm aiming to work through my list of loved-ones every two weeks. Miggy told me that he read some trivia that in order to keep a strong friendship alive, you have to be in contact with that person at least once every two weeks. Hence, the inspiration for my letter writing schedule. I also keep track of the type of letter I send — postcards, long letters, little packages, etc... but so far I've only managed to send postcards. They're so easy. hehe

Back in September, I learned Resolution #4: If you want to celebrate, you have to PLAN. So, I'm hoping that this lesson will also apply to letter writing. If I want to build a consistent habit of writing regular letters, I have to plan ahead. So...

During the month of November, my goal is to set up my "letter production line." This production line includes my spreadsheets ;) and I also want to make a little letter-writing toolbox that has stamps, envelopes, cards, postcards etc... all ready and waiting for me. I'm hoping this will make it easier for me to write, removing obstacles and excuses like, "I don't have time to go to the post office to buy stamps." 

Resolution 10: Make People Feel Loved at Least Once Every Two Weeks