Wednesday, November 13, 2013

{My Happiness Project} Letter Chains

So the month of November was supposed to be all about loving BUT all I can think about so far is letter writing. Last week I wrote about my spreadsheet for organizing my letters to friends who live all around the world. Some of you (wink wink Naomi, my new friend here in Maui) think this is an absolutely ridiculous type-A behavior but to you I say pooh-pooh. ;) I'm changing November's theme to Letter Writing. 

This week I've finally decided to take action and start a chain letter. Thanks to my friend Shona who gave me this idea a couple years ago! The idea is simple and beautiful. Pick a group of friends that you want to stay in touch with. Buy an envelope and create a rotation list that sends that envelope around the globe hoping from one person to the next, going in circles, around and around. When you receive the envelope, you can check out all the notes and funky things people before you have put in. You add something to the envelope and send it on it's marry way. When the envelope returns to your mailbox, you take out your last contribution and replace it with something new. Every time the envelope goes around it's filled with new items and everyone gets a chance to see them.

Ug this is such an ugly photo - it pains me to see it on my blog. I wish I had taken the time to be all crafty and taken a Pinterest-worthy photo BUT I didn't have time. My apologies and I beg you to just deal with it ;) 

I think it's a fabulous way for a group of friends to stay in touch. I've been talking about doing this for over a year and this is the week that I'm FINALLY making it happen. Inside the envelope I'm going to include a list of everyone's addresses, the order that the envelope gets posted (which person sends it to which person), and blank sticker address-labels to make it easier for people to address the envelope (making tasks easier increases the likelihood that they'd get done). Shona also mentioned that we should have a set time-limit for posting the envelope — once you receive it, you have 2-3 weeks to send it forward. This keeps the process flowing and avoids the envelope being neglected beneath someone's bed.

This morning on my way to work I pulled into the Drugs Store and purchased a perfectly medium sized yellow envelope. I'm so excited to start this chain letter! Anybody else out there ever done something like this?