Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Headache of Choosing a Photography Genre

I thought I was over this, past it, never going to have to go through it again. This buzzing feeling in my brain that won't go away. All I can think about is website design and figuring out what I want to photograph. I've reached another crossroads and it's an absolute headache. When I started working as a photographer, I was convinced I wanted to shoot weddings. One year later I was exhausted and bored with weddings. I discovered glamour photography and went full speed ahead, photographing women and thinking I would never wish do anything else. Six months after that I rediscovered my childhood passion of filmmaking. I thought I was only going to make little films to promote my women's portraiture. Now I'm in Hawaii shooting weddings and family portraits for Karma Hill's photography studio. The weddings we do are small elopements so they're much easier than the full long day events that I experienced back on the mainland & in Scotland. Family photography is pretty fun because it's laid back, pretty straight forward and playful. I also really appreciate the value of the family photography because my own family portraits and home videos are so precious to me. 

When it comes to taking photographs, I think I'm still pretty focused on women. I'm still not all that interested in photographing weddings or families. BUT when it comes to film, cinematography, videography, the moving picture....I feel more drawn to the families and weddings. Maybe it's because when I photograph a woman, it's like I'm painting, creating a beautiful still image and when I'm making a movie, it's more about capturing the moving dynamics and relationships between between - families, couples, weddings etc... 

We've got a new look on the blog today... a new photo of me at the top taken by my wonderful husband Miggy. I've rearranged my logo slightly - my signature is on top now. Big changes! haha
So like I said, I have a headache because I'm trying to move through a big brick wall of decision. I'm trying to figure out if I want to branch out and start creating family & wedding films. Of course, I also wonder if I should consider photographing families & weddings as well because they are a fabulous marketing (thinking like a business woman here). I'm thinking about what I should do in the present moment and I'm projecting into the future. Thinking about where we'll want to live and what kind of work I'd like to do then & there. I'm wondering if I should have a photography business/website and a videography business/website OR if I should have everything combined in one place as a photography & videography business. I hate multiple 'specialities' because I think it takes away from really specializing in ONE THING and mastering that one thing. I get so frustrated when things like website design and business decisions get in the way of me actually focusing on creating artwork and improving my technical skills. I'm reading The E-Myth Revisited at the Moment, which totally deals with this kind of thing. Hopefully it will help me out. Grrr..... Darn my constantly wondering creative mind and impatient artist personality!

I think the best thing for me to do is be patient and keep creating. Try dipping my toes in all of these pools, creating wedding films, making family mini-movies, photographing women at the beach. The more I do, the easier it will be for me to figure out what I love most, what I'm best at and what I'll focus on. I just have to remind myself over and over and over again to focus on creating the artwork and stop obsessing over the layout of my blog. Over the next few months, the blog might start getting kind of muddy with a bunch of different styles and genres but if you buckle up for the ride, I'm hoping this stage of my creative journey will be somewhat interesting ;) Any advice is always appreciated! ;)