Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sales Tips Series Part 5: Guerrilla Marketing to Increase Sales

Welcome to part 5 of this wonderfully exciting Sales Tips series! Check out previous tips:
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Part 4: Inflating Your Prices to Make Room for Volume Discounts

We're not talking about monkeys and we're not talking about pasting stickers around the city. We're talking about lowering our clients' stress, opening their minds to possibilities and making more money.

  • Have a nice clean simple price list that only includes your favorite, best selling, most wonderful products. This is what you present to your clients. These are the products that you place in their laps.
  • Constantly be coming up with new products & new ways to arrange photos.
  • When you have new products, blog about it. Clients may see your blog post, get excited about the idea and request it.
  • Print off some samples or this new product and use them to decorate your studio or sales room. Remember, they aren't studio samples ... they're 'decoration.' Maybe a client will admire your 'decoration' and ask if they could have something like that.
  • The key is to not overwhelm your client with choices while simultaneously exposing them to all the possibilities.
  • When they do ask about a 'decorative' print "Oh....could you maybe make something like that for me?" — Oblige and say something like, "Of course, I can do something like that FOR YOU."
  • Have a second hidden price list that includes ALL the prices for EVERYTHING you sell. Try and have this memorized. This will make you look super prepared when you know the prices to things that aren't even "for sale"!