Wednesday, November 20, 2013

{My Happiness Project} Creating Beautiful Letters

What's better than getting a letter in the mail?
Getting a pretty letter! (Especially if you're writing to a girl haha) 
Covering letters with beautiful little details totally takes it to the next level. It creates a feeling of extra-special attention and effort for that person. Your letters become a visual delight - eye candy!  This week I've been practicing this extra special effort to make the addresses on my envelopes look more like calligraphy and incorporating more watercolors. I like painting flowers and giving each of my friends a different type and color of flower. A friend of mine told me she loves receiving letters that her friend covers in cute stickers. My friend Kaitlyn is good at creating artsy letters — she folds them up in fancy ways, writes at diagonal angels and doodles little patterns in the margins. I always love this extra attention to detail that makes me feel like she was thoughtful while writing, rather than just quickly scribbling something down on scratch paper (which of course is better than nothing in it's own magical way). More ideas... You could spray your letters with perfume (Legally Blonde style!). You could seal the envelope with a lipstick kiss. Include glitter! Theme your letters with the holidays! So many possibilities!

I've gone a little Pinterest crazy for some inspiration on this topic! Check out my Letter Writing Pinterest Board. Enjoy!!!

Any other ideas for how to make letters extra special?