Sunday, December 1, 2013

{Grateful on Sunday} A Week of Celebration and Bling Bling

Aloha Sunday mi amigos!!!! This week has been full of celebration and gratefulness. My 25th birthday was on Wednesday Nov 27 and the day after was Thanksgiving. It was Miggy's first Thanksgiving in America (rather than on the floor of a dorm room in Scotland haha) and we went to our friend Brooke's house for our mid-day feast. We had a Thanksgiving lunch since all of our husbands work in restaurants in the evenings. For my birthday, we spread out the party for multiple days. At night time we went stargazing and ate honey roasted macadamia nuts and brownies :D I had so many wonderful surprises including 5 phone calls in the early morning from people I love to sing me happy birthday to you! :D Thank you everyone for making my birthday week so special.

This week I am grateful for our George Foreman grill's ability to prepare a perfect omelet, 

my new makeup bags that are stepping it up a notch (goodbye plastic bags!!),

an afternoon at the beach with Miggy and Brooke (w/ family),

pretty trees with pink flowers,

(another beach date) playing in the water with Miggy and pretending to be surfboards,

making the most of our little kitchen with some fairylights,

a midnight treat shopping trip on my birthday,

blue and green, trees & sky, my favorite combination in nature,

the surprise lunch the ladies threw me at the office!! AND Google customized my search engine with birthday cakes!,

eating gelato and watching a gorgeous sunset on my birthday (while talking with my mom on the phone),

my creative improvisation on Thanksgiving to create a nutloaf without a stove or oven,

birthday cards from friends around the world :D

Thanksgiving Skype date with my family (and my brother's giant face haha),

late night watercolor sessions while listening to Jane Austen audiobooks,

sunglasses shopping on Black Friday,

Miggy surprised me with a diamond ring for my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to get myself a ring for my 25th. I was so sick of being at the mall after shopping for sunglasses and iPhones but he 'dragged' me to one more shop....the jewelry shop! I knew 'the ring' as soon as I saw it. It was the first one I went to in the very first shop. We spent 2.5 hours roaming around other stores but I couldn't forget about this first ring. I went back to the store 3 times. Finally, I took the plunge and said I would take it. As I reached into my purse for my wallet, Miggy beat me to the draw. He handed over his debit card and said, "I couldn't let you buy yourself a ring. I want it to be a present for you." :) He tricked me. All day long he was saying things like, "Well, it's your money..." but he knew all along that he was going to buy it for me. Such a sweetie! Everywhere I go I'm staring down at my hand. I can't stop staring hehe Thank you so much my love!! Apparently, diamonds really are a girl's best friend.

and finally, I'm grateful that I had the guts to dig into the CENTER of the pie! :D

Happy Thanksgiving week! What are you grateful for today?