Sunday, June 10, 2012

Book Review :: "Love is the Killer App" by Tim Sanders

Pink, blue, yellow, don't madda as long as it's neon!!!! When I read, my highlighter is practically glued to the palm of my hand. I love swiping colour across the page — I practically dyed the entirety of the last book I read.... Oh and I celebrated closing the back cover with my watercolours! Let me show you.....

Love is the Killer App by Tim Sanders

The book has 3 in-your-face main points

Sanders claims these three points, if carried out well, will skyrocket you to business success in a world that has come to think that the only way to the top is paved with cut-throat pebbles.

It's such an easy read, I sped through it in a couple days (at least 50 pages were enjoyed out on the grass in the park with the sun beating down on my back :D Hooray for summer!!)

Looking back through my favourite highlighted verses, I've lifted out three quotes to share. Funny enough, without realising it, my three quotes represent the three main points...


"And by books, I don't mean just any book. I mean hardcovers. A paperback is made to be read. A hardcover is made to be studied. There's a huge difference. I don't read a book just to say I've finished it. I read it so that when I done, the inside covers are filled with enough notes that I can use this book for as long as I need to." (70)


"No matter what you do or who you are, carry business cards...Anytime you make a major connection, swap. Anytime you make a minor connection, swap." (124)


"Love is the selfless promotion of the growth of the other.(Milton Mayeroff's 1972, On Caring)

How has this book changed my life / business?

1) I feel so excited to read business books now! I was enthusiastic to begin with, now I'm just downright knowledge hungry — ripping through the pages, eyes peeled for books in every shop I walk into. Obviously, all this reading is beneficial.

2) It's lit a fire under my bum to reach out and meet people, introduce myself, ask them about their businesses and build up the courage to hand them my business card or ask them out for coffee. I've already managed to swap 5 or 6 business cards (admittedly the butterflies in my stomach did rise up and turn my face bright red but hey! I did it :D)

3) I've been making an effort to verbally express my support of other people. It's so easy to look at other photographers' images and silently judge them — which doesn't benefit anybody. I've started sharing my thoughts. I've also been trying to express my support for friends, brides and artists that I'm working with. It's not that hard to let people know you appreciate them and it more often than not makes their day :)

Do I recommend it!
Definitely. The best part is how successfully Sanders has motivated me to read more books. That's the main reason I'd recommend it to others.
Go out and read it y'all!!!