Thursday, June 28, 2012


When I was in 5th grade, despite the fact that my dress sense was rather atrocious (I actually wore my dad's old's shirts and baggy jeans sometimes- eek!) I was the only girl who had a 'boyfriend'.

BOYFRIEND :: (n) a boy you think is cute who like-likes you back. you can talk on the phone after school and stand closer to each other on the playground than everyone else

Then I moved to a junior high in a new school district. My deep meaningful relationship with said boyfriend came to an abrupt end the day his mother picked him up and drove him home. He didn't say goodbye and I've never seen him since. My fashion sense didn't improve much either and suddenly I was the little fish in the big pond. 

I desperately wanted to be cool. I must have exaggerated every story I told about myself, hoping that it would make me sound more interesting. I felt like I had to try really hard to impress the other kids into liking me. I was also a bit show-offy & sometimes snobby which obviously didn't help matters any.

It took me a year to make a proper friend (and she's still my best friend today!) and another year after that to not feel like the 3rd wheel in a group of girls. Just as I was beginning to feel comfortable it was time to move school districts again and start all over. I only remember one thing from my last day of junior high. The day we all said goodbye, one of my friends was wearing a white tee-shirt with hot pink writing across the front. It said...