Friday, June 8, 2012

Force Quit - Force Quit - Force Quit

Ugh...nothing so depressing as spending a week on a project to find that just when you're ready to publish it keeps crashing again and again and again and again. Whyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

So lame.

Yesterday I was trying to export my first issue of my magazine and I knew it was a big file for my computer to handle but my superstar Mac could handle it...I just knew it could!

So while I waited with hope that technology would get it's act together (in the end it only 1/2 got it's act together), I sat at the computer patiently with my cup of peppermint tea and a good business book.

That's right! I'm on to business book #4! :: "Teach Yourself to Think" by Edward de Bono

I've just read an amazing quote that I would have highlighted twice if it weren't for the fact that too much highlighter bleeds through the page and just looks foul on the other side :P So far, to be honest, it's been quite a dull book but that one quote has made it all worth while. 

So if you find yourself in the same boat as me today, battling patiently with technology, staring off into space, tapping your foot, hoping the 'loading bar' will make it to 100%, I highly recommend pouring yourself some peppermint tea and passing the downloading time with a business book :D It makes all the stress melt away since you're 'using your time wisely' LOL

And because every post is much much better with a photo...

This is a semi-creepy picture of my friend Rebecca who agreed to pose for me a few weeks ago. I just wanted to practice lighting techniques and she patiently sat there eating an orange while I draped fabric over her head and flashed lights in her eyeballs. She's such a good sport. :) Half way through she reminded me of a porcelain doll so when I opened the image in Photoshop I wanted to see if I could enhance the image to make her look even more porcelain. So yes, Rebecca may look a little creepy here, but don't all porcelain dolls look creepy? Mission accomplished! :P