Sunday, June 24, 2012

Marvellous Monday :: Random Inspiration from the Week!

You haven't seen me in a week! Blame my lack of internet and hectic schedule. I also calculated that I haven't had a proper day off in something like 10 days. I don't notice my constant working habit because I work for myself and I feel like any day that I'm at home my be a free day. Tomorrow will be a real day off because it's our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!! Woohoo :D I think we may be going on a picnic in the field beside our house (I LOVE picnics so yay!)

My schedule lately::

Thursday :: 2 photo shoots + editing
Friday :: Day Job in The Crystal Shop + evening photo shoot
Saturday :: Editing photos, travel to Edinburgh
Sunday :: Travel to Cambridge for Jessica & Carl's engagement session
Monday :: Return to Scotland, sleep
Tuesday :: Day Job in The Crystal Shop, Sleepover with Emily :)
Wednesday :: 2 photo shoots
Thursday :: Miggy graduated!!!!!!!! grad photo sessions + Lunch with family + torrential downpour @ garden party
Friday :: Day Job in The Crystal Shop + graduation ball!
Saturday :: Travel to Edinburgh to shoot Manuela & Sebastian's wedding on The Red Bus!
Sunday :: Phew! Finally get around to blogging.

I'm going to make myself a cup of tea right now, kick up my tootsies and have some fun surfing the web for this week's marvellous inspiration. Twice as much this week since I failed to deliver last Monday :P Plus, I'm publishing this Marvellous Monday today, on Sunday, because like I said, tomorrow is my day off! — woohoo! Here we go... :D
(BOOK PUMPKIN! — found on Craftberry Bush)

(AWESOME!!! Hope it never has to be used in war but the technology is incredibly cool :P)

DIY BOOK PLANTERS (found on Green Wedding Shoes)
Love Your Eyes Infographic

Microcosmic World Made From Park Trash
by Gregory Euclide
(See & Read more HERE)

Have a beautiful last week of June!!!!