Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nearly One Month Till Moving Day!!

So yesterday I bought a dongle (sounds like a dirty word, if you ask me). I'd been moaning for days about my internet withdrawal and Miggy finally suggested I got myself one of these glorious wee mobile broadband devices. So down to Carphone Warehouse I trotted, paused while I scrapped my jawbone off the floor after I realised that I'd have to pay £29 for 1GB (1GB people?! That's it for all that money?!) and then in the end I walked up to the counter and handed the man my card. A steep price to pay for such limited connection to the outside world but I figured my business and clients is worth it — it's made me sick having to delay my replies to emails and miss out on blogging for a week at a time (horror!!!). With only one month left here in the UK there's no point in starting up a new internet contract and the dongle will get me through it just fine. 
That's right my friend, just over one month from today I'll be hoping on a plane to fabulous Seattle! Miggy's coming too but we're waiting for his green card! I only get to be in Seattle for 3 weeks before I take my first prolonged business trip right back to the UK! It's a 6 week business trip that's going to include 4 UK weddings and hopefully many photo shoots! After that, I'm hoping back over the pond (and staying) for a nice long time. My husband and my business will be coming with me and I can't wait. I'm so excited for a fresh start (and the chance to once again be driving regularly in my dream car! — my beautiful midnight blue VW Beetle! I can't wait :D)!!

For now,  I've got a might big house to tidy, clean and package up — the prospect is simply overwhelming. One day I'd like to hire a cleaner, that would be fantastic :P Enjoy the rain or shine everybody (it's pouring pouring pouring outside my window right now — gotta love June in Scotland ..yaiboo.)
Another new exciting toy arrived in my house today — my Spyder 4 Pro Screen Calibrator by Datacolor. I have no idea how to use the thing. I've just ripped it out of its packaging and I'm sitting here in my kitchen, listening to the rain, watching Manuela & Sebastian's wedding photos downloading and turning the wee device round and round in my fingers. No luck figuring it out for myself this time...where's the manual?