Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sitting on My Hands :: Loving Change

I am the queen of change. I LOVE it and I want to change practical everyday. Sometimes it's because I get bored of something, sometimes it's because I want to feel refreshed and sometimes it's because I have new idea that's too yummy to ignore. I'm easily inspirable. 

My love of change has made consistency with my brand  difficult in the past because I constantly wanted to redesign everything (website, blog etc..) and as a result I looked like a different business each week. Probably not ideal. Well, I'm finally learning to control my love of change instead of letting it control me. It's soo hard. Good grief.

I'm learning new tips, thinking up improvements I can make, & seeing cool things that other people are doing, but instead of jumping into HTML code-mode, I'm sitting on my hands. I'm biting my lip and jumping up and down. I've got a pad and paper and I'm writing down EVERYTHING. I'm collecting tidbits of ideas and improvements, saving them piece by piece so that bit by bit and inch by inch (lol) I'll have enough to clearly see patterns & trends. Once I've got that, I'm running straight to the professionals!

For the time being, my brand identity is good enough, it's working for me (as far as I'm aware). Sure, many things could be changed to make it work even better for me but for now, it's not urgent. I have spent so much time stressing over web-designs in the past. For now, I'd like to enjoy devoting myself to what I'm "supposed" to be & living. My brand is good enough. (I'm definitely most certainly NOT a 'good enough' kind of girl. I'm more about being the best but for now, I feel this good enough stage is going to have to be my best so I can allow myself to move forward.)

I plan to take my massive collection of ideas, inspiration and improvements to a professional brand identity designer in about 1 or 2 years. There are a couple ladies out there who are masters of brand identity and they've already caught my attention. By then I believe I will have gathered enough experience and assembled more than enough lists to really have something to 'bring to the design table.' Hopefully, I'll then be able to hand the reins over to my fabulous designer, whoever she'll be, and she can create a brand identity that's new and improved and celebrating who I am and what I do to it's maximum potential! 

What I Really Like About My Brand Identity Right Now
1) I am super happy with my colours. I fall more in love with my turquoise every single day, literally, I mean that. Same goes for my black and white. Every shoot convinces me more and more that I am a die hard sucker for the clean power of unsaturation :P

2) I also like my clean simple (but never boring lol) font. (It's 'GeoSansLight' for anyone who's wondering.) It's easy to read, get's straight to the point and doesn't weigh your eyes down.

3) I like keeping things light and friendly, really personal and fun. I want everything to stay professional AND relaxed.

What I'd Like to Change About My Brand Right Now
There are plenty of other things I love and want to keep but there are a few improvements I see already that are itching at me....

1) My name in my logo.... At first glance it looks like 'Chamonix Photography' and the 'Thurston-Rattue' disappears. I want to feature my name and have photography be the little side note, if there at all. 

2) I'm thinking I'd like to include watercolour-black ink paintings into my brand. Back when I was researching brand inspiration from magazines the handdrawn sketches beside the photographs jumped off the page and me and I realised I'd always loved them. Now I'm starting to do them myself! That would be so cool to incorporate that.

3) This hasn't really been do-able for me just yet (despite endless home-made attempts) but I am 'dying' to include a snazzy welcome video with music & footage of me shooting & talking & dancing etc... I'd also love to have a couple other videos where I talk more (I love to talk I guess lol, don't hate me for it, just join the conversation). And I'd also love to have some beautiful professional portraits taken of myself that I can use on my website to make it look like I value photography as much as I do. I need to find myself some videography & photography friends who are up for this wee mission.

I'm really quite happy right now with how my business is looking. Like anyone who's so involved, I can see all the cracks and stains, but I'm sitting on my hands. It's good enough and for now, I'm happy :D I think love of change will always be a part of me so I'm going to need to find an outlet for it. Something that's a part of my business that is allowed to change every month. (Lightbulb moment) I have an idea....