Thursday, June 7, 2012

CHAMONIX Magazine!!!!!

Today is the day! I'm unleashing my second newsletter on the world & for my second attempt, I'm stepping it up a notch. We're abandoning boring text emails and we're upgrading to.... A MAGAZINE!

That's right! You heard me...a magazine! Photos everywhere, interviews, opinion articles, updates on my life & business (I can't promise juicy gossip but it's straight from the heart :P) & it's even got a fancy pants letter from the editor (moi!). It may not be Vogue (yet! lol) but I've been inspired by my favourite fashion magazines to create a newsletter on steroids!

Why a magazine, you ask? 
1) I love fashion magazines and it's been nothing but fun for me to play around with creating my own.
2) I love hearing what people are up to but newsletters can be so dull. It makes me sad to think that people would find me / what I have to say boring just because of how it was presented. That motivated me to come up with a new way to make my newsletter more engaging and fun to read. Pictures are usually the solution and what better way to show off images than a magazine?!

There are 2 ways to enjoy reading CHAMONIX. 
1) You can read CHAMONIX online and experience it like a real magazine, flipping pages by pulling them across the screen!
2) You can read it online via DropBox.
3) You can download each issue of CHAMONIX as a PDF download. (Download is available from Dropbox)

How do I get my hands on a copy?
Become a subscriber!!
When you subscribe, within 24hrs you'll receive an email containing a special subscriber all-access password that will get you into the reading room the CHAMONIX magazine +site!
In the reading room you'll find the latest online issue and a link to where it's living on Dropbox. You'll also have access to the archives where you can browse through past magazines (which obviously don't exist yet lol). Find everything you need at this site ::

To get your very own copy of

fill out your subscription form at ::
or visit

I'm so excited to share this with you! Enjoy :D