Saturday, June 16, 2012

ecoTOOLS :: My New Make-Up Brushes!

I haven't worn make-up in years. My mornings have been so quick and easy; hop out of bed, brush the teeth and I'm off. I didn't have to 'put my face on" and that was nice. Apart from some green & purple eyeshadow & sparkly orange lipgloss in high school, I've never really had an interest in make-up. This was very convenient consider the fact that Miggy has claimed for years that he doesn't like how I look with make-up, sweet right? lol So understandably he didn't understand nor was he all that thrilled to hear that I'd gone out on a make-up shopping spree this week. 
After months of agonising about it I finally decided to purchase Sue Bryce' Glamour Photography Workshop from creativeLIVE. Oh my word, it's turned out to be one of the best purchases...or I should really say investments, of my life. 
She's wooed me into the world of modern glamour photography and I'm tickling my toes in the water! We'll see where that takes me but for now, I'm starting with some experimentation in the make-up department. Part of the creativeLIVE course is an entire afternoon of hair & make-up lessons. I think something, like make-up, becomes much more fun and purposeful when you actually understand how to use it properly. Taking notes like crazy I soaked in all of her tips and then trotted off to Boots to start my very own make-up collection. It's not as easy as it sounds!

Good grief, you seriously have to know what you're after and where to find it when shopping for make-up. I was so overwhelmed by the rows and rows and rows of little tubs, pencils, brushes, creams and shimmers. Labels flying at me from every direction and different brands used different names to describe the exact same products. Was there really that much difference between the £1.99 tube of lip gloss and the £9.99 tube of lip gloss? Does one taste nicer? Is the other going to give me a rash?! What's the difference between concealer and cover-up? That question consumed me for about 5 minutes before I settled on cover-up and I still don't know why. Someone care to explain?
I was very happy to finally purchase these beautiful ecoTOOLS make-up brushes. I've loved the look for them for months despite the fact I never had a use for them. It hurt a bit to see their price tag but I just winced and handed over my debit card — they'll last a while I told myself and it's important that I stick with my brand. If I'm going to market myself as being eco-friendly, I better darn well buy the eco-friendly supplies. 
 Above is a little sneak peek into my pretty new colleciton. I LOVE the 'give me texture' power. You sprinkle it into the hair and it instantly makes your hair have this big pumphf! VOLUME! Love it :D I also invested in 200 curvy grips aka bobbie pins. You can never have too many of those little things. They end up everywhere, don't they?! Bottom of purses, down the couch, in the pockets. I was sick of hunting for them so I just bough a bunch more! I'm so excited to use them to pin up curls! Eeeek — this being girly stuff is really really fun!!! :D
Have a gorgeous girly weekend!!!