Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Personal Shoot :: Lace Draping (with Maria & Louise Quinn)

Not this one. No. No. No. Sorting through the racks of clothing in the charity shops. I wanted something "high fashion". Something interesting and eye catching. Everything was so blah!!! Then there it was...a MASSIVE roll of lace (it was a lace curtain actually) and what's that?!? Only £2.25?! Are you kidding me? I'll take it!!!!!!!! Shopping with Miggy is always entertaining — he looked at me with raised eyebrows as I handed over my money... "Are you seriously buying another sheet just before we move across the world? We have enough to pack." The man has a point BUT this was different. The price tag made it ok. 

My lace curtain inspired a project! It's my lace draping project and it will be featured in full in my next issue of CHAMONIX magazine but to wet your appetite, here's a little sneak peek...

As you know, my internet died last week so I was camping in the university library when I overheard this girl across the table on Skype. She was talking about joining a modelling agency and she said she needed to build up her portfolio but she was struggling to find the jobs. Little did she know I was totally eavesdropping thinking to myself....YES YES YES! I've been struggling to find models this month for my personal work and there she was...gorgeous :D Meet Maria. Turns out we've got a very good mutual friend and I've heard her talked about before without knowing who she was. Funny little world :P
For more images of Maria and to see the full Lace Draping project subscribe to CHAMONIX magazine  — the next issue is out 6 July 2012.

And of course I must must must mention that the beautiful hair styles that Maria is rockin' were created by the very lovely Louise Quinn who is a hair stylist based in Perth, Scotland and she's got 20 something years experience with hair. She was a joy to work with — so relaxed, helpful and friendly. I definitely recommend her to anyone looking for some gorgeous hair right now ;P