Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cambridge Punting Engagement :: Jessica & Carl

The football game was playing on the pub's TV right over her shoulder, but he never took a peek! Carl kept his gaze straight at Jessica as she shared her story with him; like every girl would, she noticed and of course that earned him some brownie points. Jessica was the one who 'winked' at him first on (yep, that's right, another, couple! Gotta love em'! I should send a thank you letter for all the business they send my way hehe). Of course, Carl winked back and included a message. One month later, there they were sitting together in a pub on their first date. Not sure at first if they were meant to be but they both gave it a chance. As they grew to know each other better, one day Carl told her a story of a great struggle he had faced in his life before he met her. The story could have sounded tragic but all she heard was the positivity in his voice that gave her a peek into his optimistic spirit. That's when she knew he was worth it and voila! She was right :D Now they're getting married in Carl's hometown of Peteborough, England this coming September! :D To celebrate their engagement I headed down to spend a day with them in Cambridge.
We began our afternoon together as one ought to when in England...with a cup of tea. Carl enjoyed a massive scone (he actually called it a "sc'O'ne" like me (and all my American friends) rather than the very bizarre English pronunciation which I've had to endure for years "scaawn." Unsurprisingly, this made me happy hehe Jessica had thought ahead and share her delicious (seriously DELICIOUS!) gluten-free Lemon & Almond biscuits with me. Thank you Jessica!! :D 
After we finished our tea at "The Orchard", a very popular orchard (surprise surprise) where people can bask in the very civilised English sunshine, we headed into Cambridge city centre. Our first stop was the museum! (I can't for the life of me remember what it's called right now...I'll get back to you :P) I just loved the funky sculptures that were on the front garden and massive lions are always a big hit!
Next on our list of Cambridge adventures was good old Isaac Newton's apple tree. It's still there, growing outside of Trinity College. Again, Jessica was thinking ahead when she snuck some apples into her purse. She and Carl performed a little juggling act for me in honour of Mr. Newton. 
The River Cam was crowded that day thanks to the thousands of students who were recovering from final exams and preparing for their May Balls. There was even a punt that was a little wine 'shop', selling beverages up and down the river. We hired a chauffer (aka cute Cambridge medical student) to take us around and point out the sights. 

I loved relaxing on the punt with my camera. Definitely made me feel like  I have the best job in the whole world :D After we got our land legs back we set off for dinner at a yummy Thai restaurant where Jessica & Carl had a chance to share more of their story with me. I always get to hear about my clients love stories but it's always my favourite when I get to hear it in person — it makes it come alive more when I can see their facial expressions and watch them exchange silly glances as they each tell the bits they remember.  :D
 If you'd like to see more images from Jessica & Carl's Cambridge, Engagement Session click below to watch their slideshow! :D