Friday, June 15, 2012

Calton Hill (Edinburgh) Engagement :: Maneula & Sebastian

Originally from Germany, Manuela & Sebastian love their new home in Edinburgh and wanted to celebrate their engagement with views over the city. Possibly the best view of Edinburgh is from the top of Calton Hill — you can see out to the North sea, 360 degrees of the city and out in the other direction to the Pentland Hills. It's absolutely stunning up there and Manuela & Sebastian made it even cuter :D Manuela had the most beautiful smile and she laughed so easily it was easy to snap away capturing beautiful image after beautiful image. Mr. Sebastian (a little more camera shy) was instructed by his bride to keep his Chandler Bing face at bay. He did a great job and towards the end of our shoot he even performed a little chicken dance for me (apparently he had to perform that dance on stage on his stag night while dressed in a pink bunny costume...LOVE this story lol).
Manuela & Sebastian met while studying at university in Germany. They've both got PhD's (they're both 'doctors' hehe how snazzy is that?!) in biology. Manuela specialises in parasites — how crazy cool is that?! I loved hearing Sebastian talk about his area of expertise. He does cardo-vascular research and he get to work with fish that glow!! A bit over my head but very cool :P
Turns out, Sebastian actually has a little passion for fish. He works with stripy little Zebra fish and he apparently he also loves to eat fish and I suppose anything fishy in between is wonderful to him. 

Isn't her laugh beautiful? :D

In the image below (on the right) Manuela really reminds me of Nia Vardalos (star of My Big Fat Greek Wedding). It probably has something to do with the fact that she's standing beside massive pillars, which reminds me of Nia Vardolos' film "My Life in Ruins" (which takes place in Greece).

Here you have it....the chicken dance!!!!!!! Woohoo!

I was especially excited to take Manuela & Sebastian's engagement photos on Calton Hill because the last time I was up the hill I was photographing wedding gowns for Bliss Bridal Studio. That was my very first bridal shoot — I think it was my 4th photo shoot ever. Check out those photos of my early days here.

Miggy and I sat down and counted how many significant buildings we could see in this 'portrait' of Edinburgh. We decided that pretty much every single major monument & building (with a couple exceptions) is present below. This makes me happy :D

Beautiful beautiful people :D I can't wait to photograph their wedding in just 1 week!
I love seeing buildings in black & white because it makes all of the window shapes pop out :D So cool! I really like how you can see the faded mountains in the background. It reminds me of my elementary school art teacher, Mrs. Nicols — she taught me all about how to put lots of layers into a painting. That was my first lesson in depth of field :D
I'll see you two cuties in 1 week! Can't wait! :D