Thursday, May 3, 2012

Play in the Park :: Blue Sky Bridal Portraits

The last of my Blue Sky Bridal sessions — this rainy afternoon in Marymoor Park (Redmond, Washington) with Elyse and Tim was soo much fun. First of all, Elyse was wearing the most flouncy wonderful bridal gown EVER from Blue Sky Bridal Boutique in Seattle, Washington. We took them to the swings, chucked around crochet mallots and my mom actually taught them how to dance! Now, let me just clarify what 'dance' is for my mom...She lives in historical romance novels so there was no disco, jitterbug or twerking. No, no! We went straight in for the high class old fashion and super outdated victorian waltz. Curtsey, bow, kiss the hand, Bible-distance apart. Ha! Enjoy it as much as we did!

Before this shoot my amazing mom ran through our house prop-hunting. The Subaru was jam packed; fishing poles pocking through the front seat, crocket balls rolling everywhere, plates wrapped in newspaper, picnic blankets piled in the boot. We couldn't see out the back window! On the way to the park we stopped by grandma's house for a quick hug and our eyes landed on this gorgeous (real) vintage gondola hat in her bedroom! Thanks so much grandma!

Apparently, he's a great catch! hehe

The sky was so cloudy the afternoon we did this shoot. It was amazingly soft light that just made their skin glow ... so I was happy. Plus, it was one of the first proper chances I had had to play with my Expodisc! So massive a massive thank you to my Expodisc for helping me out with my exposure for sure! One more major thank-you to my mom! You're the best creative director / assistant ever!