Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Another Photography Nightmare

You've gotta be kiddin' me! Another photography nightmare? Two nights in a row?

Last night (in my dreams) it was Kaitlyn's wedding again, but the major nightmareish part of this wedding was that halfway through it I decided that I wanted to get married too! It was a nightmare for me since I was trying to be a photographer at the same time and I was stressin' about getting photos of the outside of the building. I have to say my wedding dress looked AMAZING and so did my hair. I looked better than I did at my own wedding and the venue was all gorgeous marble and pillars - loved it! Half way through my dream I finally picked up my camera and started photographing the reception but I was still wearing my wedding dress! hehe Right before I woke up, in my dream I went outside to get that building shot but a massive bumblebee landed on my nose and I couldn't flick it off. I thought I should stay very still and pretend to be a flower but afraid of being stung and had to rip it off (it was horrible!!)

Does anybody out there interpret dreams? What on earth does that bumblebee mean?! :P

What a nightmare for Kaitlyn, right?! She didn't even seem to notice. She loved the idea of our double wedding hehe I don't want to out shine my best friend at her own wedding but how ridiculous because that's totally NOT going to happen. Kaitlyn's stunning and from what I've heard about her wedding dress plans so far she is going to be flippin' GORGEOUS!!!

Why am I stressin' about Kaitlyn's wedding in my sleep? When I'm awake I'm not really stressed about it at all. I think I must have some little subconscious nervousness (ya think?! hehe). I suppose I just feel an insy bit more pressure than usual to get great images because I care so much about her and want to do my absolute best for her. The plus side of this little bit of pressure is that I've been feeling extra motivated to practice my photography and learn new skills. Last night I finally(!!!) "mastered" back-button focusing! Wooohooo! If you don't know or don't care what that is, I'm going to tell you anyway...back-button focusing just means I'm going to be able to capture more special moments that are IN FOCUS! :D