Sunday, May 27, 2012

Highland Safari Engagement :: Amy & Pete

Amy and Pete met in the percussion section of the music academy in Glasgow, Scotland at the sweet young age of 16. A drum themed engagement session would be perfect, I thought. But these two had a much better idea. Amy sent me an email explaining that while they both love playing music, they do it every day and they think that taking a Land Rover up a mountain with magazines and nail polish would better represent who they are. In retrospect they were soo right (not surprisingly hehe)! You see, Pete may play in an orchestra but his day-job as a Highland Safari Land Rover has no doubt fueled his very manly passion for these awesome outdoor vehicles. Meanwhile, as much as Amy loves her man and his Land Rovers she's a true girlie girl at heart. So up into the Scottish Highlands we drove just before sunset in the first week of May with a few girly bits of entertainment in the backseat (like a BRIDES magazine)...
I'd never been to this part of the country before — out into the wilderness by Perth (more specifically Aberfeldy) that is. It's beauty left me speechless. For a girl from the Pacific Northwest, it was refreshing, to say the least, to drive along a dusty mountain road surrounded by fresh green trees. I didn't realise until that evening how much I'd been missing it all.

Parking the Land Rover at the top, Pete stepped out of the drivers seat, sucked crisp mountain air into his lungs and bellowed out (what I later learned was his favourite phrase haha).....
I didn't have to say a word while photographing these guys! Obviously, I did speak hehe but I didn't have to offer the direction that I normally do. They were so comfortable together and the camera didn't seem to bother them for a second (yay! camera's aren't scary, they're.... magical! — ugh really cringy sentence...sorry lol) They were cuddling, kissing, playing and generally just being sickening (in a really good way) adorable!  
The smiles never seemed to leave their faces. It's like every single time they looked at each other their faces brightened up.
I tried not to squeal too much from behind my camera. In actuality I was more likely to melt. I've never seen a couple that have such a strong foundation to their relationship and yet are still so clearly in love. 
There was just something about the way that Pete held Amy in his arms and rested his head on hers.  It was something that reminded me of all the best scenes in those girly movies that get me every time. I've tried to describe it in words but they've failed me. It something like the moment when he realises how much he loves her, how precious and fleeting his moments are with her — he's tender and protective and his love is so strong it becomes visible to all who are watching. 
After we'd used up all of our creative posing ideas for the top of the mountain we headed down to a little bothy. It was full of all sorts of randomness like antlers, kettles, candles, brooms,  maps, wildlife charts, and of course a very useful little toiletries bag.
Then the sun started to sink below the hills and this massive clouds was creeping its way closer and closer. Soon we could feel the moisture that it was carrying, chilling the air around us!  Photography wise, this was AMAZING (!!!) because the rays of light from the sunset were being reflected in a billion directions off of all of the little water droplets suspended in the air! The ultimate 'golden' hour!
We wrapped up our photo session by celebrating the wonderful Land Rover that made our adventures possible :P Amy & Pete sat in the back of the car, Amy reading BRIDES magazines and Pete reading Land Rover Monthly.  Half way through their little reading session, they swapped. Pete  read aloud from the wedding planning section, advising Amy on what was in fashion this season. Her facial expressions in response to this 'expert advice' were less than convinced and absolutely hilarious.
And of course, I asked them to lie down underneath the Land Rover! How could I not?!? That was a first for both of them but we all agreed it was a great place to camp and watch the sunset over Scotland.
I'm so excited that I get to go back to this beautiful part of the world to celebrate with Amy & Pete on their wedding day this July. They're getting married in the Fortingall Church which has a roof built by a boat maker (hence the very boat-i-ness of its rounded wooden ceiling. Soo cool!). 

Congratulations  again Amy & Pete, you guys are AMAZING. See you in a couple months for more Land Rover greatness!! :P

To see more of Amy & Pete's Highland Safari Engagement Session click below to watch their slideshow with music by Amy Stroup sourced from