Monday, May 14, 2012

Marvelous Monday :: Random Finds of the Week

Over the past week I've stumbled across some entertaining wee tidbits that I felt were worthy of sharing. If anyone's feeling like the old Monday-morning blues :( (boo) then I hope this collection of marvellous interweb discoveries brings a smile to your face.

1. First up is a video that claims to be perfect background music for your weekly cleaning routine. I always wonder, who on earth has time/will to make videos like this?

So that's some mega 80s cheese for you :P After hearing that cleaning music my mind jumped straight to the film 'Working Girl'! It could totally be added to the soundtrack and nobody would notice :P

2. I first saw these passage of time photos about five months ago and LOVED THEM! There was a whole series put together by an artist who had requested them from people all around the world. I found this week photo on some random blog this week and I can't for the life of me find the original website that has all of the photos.

3. :D

4. Green greatness!!! Garth Britzman (an artist from Nebraska) has created a beautiful parking lot canopy using recycled plastic bottles filled with a bit of coloured water.

See more here : HERE

5. "The Eagleman Stag" by Mickey Please :: This is probably one video too many for your average random blog post but I just had to include it. It's a stop-motion film....look closely at what everything is made of.

THE EAGLEMAN STAG from Mikey Please on Vimeo.

Pretty incredible, right?!
Rightio...well there are my 5 marvelous finds for your marvellous Monday!!
I hope you have fabulous rest of the day!!