Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Marvelous Mondays :: Random Finds of the Week

After 5 years of living in St. Andrews getting around solely by foot and bike, Miggy and I have crumbled to the luxury of taxis in these last few months. Granted, we do live further out of town than ever before and no we don't call a taxi every day — just on the horribly downpouring rainy days when every muscle in our boy refuses to cycle through the sheets of raindrops or on the days when we return from a wedding and our feet don't think they can hold up our body weight for another 30 minute walk. I do love sitting in the back of those fancy cars with tinted windows, feeling like a socialite travelling in style! I totally get why people taxi & limo when they've got the money in their back's niiiiice.

So after an amazingly fun wedding (woot woot Mrs. & Mrs. Jackson!) and a luxurious taxi ride home, I'm finally back into my comfy jeans and eating a big bowl of summer berries (sprinkled with Truvia - sweetness!) and I've got my "blog" on! I've really fallen behind on my blogging this weekend so this week we're celebrating Marvelous Monday (Take 2) on Tuesday!) Allow me to present to you my second Marvelous Monday full of exciting things I've stumbled upon over the course of the past week :D Here we go!