Friday, May 4, 2012

Need Inspiration? :: Think About Astronauts!!

It is seriously time to jump out of the box people! I mean it! Us humans are so fantastic at following the leader but wouldn't you agree that that's totally elementary school? It's time to challenge ourselves to step out in front! What a daunting prospect?! 

How can I do something original if I can't even think of anything original?! Every time I try to think of something original I just remember all of the other original photo shoots that have already been done. So I guess that means I'm pretty good at identifying 'original' but what about creating it for myself? Is it just supposed to come to me one day, out of the blue — kapow...INSPIRATION! Or do I have to work for it like I have to work for all of the other business and artistic skills that I've been building. 

Well, here's my opinion, despite the fact you haven't asked for it, and the fact that I'm no creative big shot (yet :P). I think that the hard work has to go in and the natural inspiration is what comes out. You can't sit down in a room and wait for inspiration to strike and you can't sit down with a notepad and force it either. Instead of waiting for inspiration to land itself on your notepad, use the notepad to brainstorm ways to hunt down inspiration. It's in the doing, the living, the searching and the creative hunt that the inspiration will blossom and explode. 

So if creative writer's block is what we're facing...don't wait for the wall to crumble and don't try to knock it down by banging your head against it. Instead, take all the time you would have otherwise wasted to build a sledgehammer — a tool that will require a bit of hard-work but will make bursting through that brick wall much easier. 

I don't know about you but for some reason when I'm idea-less and I need quick inspiration...I always say to myself "Think outside of the box." and for some silly reason unbeknown to me the same image always pops into my head....ASTRONAUTS. Thinking of astronauts in space always helps get the cogs in my head turning again. I think it's because astronauts in space are literally out of the (our) box and thinking about them pulls my mind up there into the star with them. (Forgive the cheesy sentence :P)

Here are some amazing links to help launch you on your own adventure into the world of out-of-the-box inspiration!!!