Thursday, May 10, 2012

Brand New Product :: eco-USBs!

Woohoo! After months of painful debating I finally decided on a design, acceptable price and supplier for my latest product...USB Flashdrives! Right off the bat, I have to declare the most exciting fact of all.... they're 100% recycled

The minimum order was 50 so I suppose that's another incentive for my business to succeed :P How depressing it would be to be weighed down with 50 empty USB Flashdrives with my name on them. :( Boo. Thinking positively though...that's not going to happen! I'm totally going to 'get rid' of all of them within 1 year! A slightly mental goal? Yes, I'd agree, but why not aim for the stars?
On the front they have my CTRP logo, and on the back you'll find my website URL and my phone number. They've also got a cute little loop which could be used for lanyard, although I'm not sure lanyards are quite my style.
Each USB can store 16GB of goodness so I'm planning on offering them to clients as a storage device for ALL of their photos and all of the additional media that I throw in along the way :P I already give my fabulous clients their images via an equally fabulous online gallery programme called PASS (love it!!!) but many couples also want to be able to hold their 'gallery' in their hands be it on a CD or now... a USB! I just think USBs are so much more hip & trendy. CDs seem so flimsy & snappable to me now and they get scratched so easily :( 
Another bonus about the USBs is that they have the potential to be used for other things as well as wedding photos. If a couple wants to download their images from the USB to another device and then clear the USB's memory, they can reuse it for other (probably less exciting lol) storage purposes. This reusability totally aligns with my green ethos — yay!

And did I mention that these USBs are 100% recycled! green fingers are twitching with happiness :D