Thursday, May 17, 2012

Miggy's Soaking :: He's Finished With University !!!!!!!!!

Oh it's definitely that time of year. My favourite time of year in St. Andrews, actually. The sun is showing up, people are wearing shorts and water is flying EVERYWHERE! That's right! Exams are finishing and graduation is approaching. From the beginning I was won over by all of the cool traditions at St. Andrews but the final exam soaking is my favourite of all! I was soaked last year and it was so disorientating and amazing fun at the same time. It feels amazing to put down your pen for the last time and hear the invigilator say "Your time is up. Please put your pens down, ensure your name is written on your exam and wait for your row to be called." Knowing that a mob of people and buckets full of freezing water is waiting for you outside is simultaneously scary and thrilling. This year, it was my wonderful husband's turn!
I'd searched through our recycling bin to collect every plastic bottle I could find. My mom had specially requested that I poured a freezing water on him (a gift from her) and that gave me the idea that I could deliver water from all of our friends that would have loved to have been there to soak Migs but couldn't be since they're all off adventuring. 
I had bottles from ::

Shona :: our super enthusiastic mountaineer who's currently working for ChildReach International in London (also one of my beautiful bridesmaids!)
James :: Miggy's best man at our wedding AKA kayaking superhero who's about to leave for Greenland on a sailboat (so hardcore lol) 
Vicky :: James' girlfriend, my bridesmaid & now she's a super hardcore teacher in the Birmingham "ghetto" working with TeachFirst
Mom & Dad :: they sent the freezing water :P
Danny :: our genius buddy in New York
Jenn :: Another bridesmaid! (love these girls!) who's working in Australia listening to dolphins!
Arnaud :: oh, can I put you into words...he's from the French Riviera & has just flown off to China for 3 months on a whim. lol 
Lucy :: the only one of us brave enough to do postgrad work (not at St. Andrews -- she left the bubble!)

I met Collie at the quad 15 minutes before the exam ended. (Collie is Shona's boyfriend, he played the bagpipes at our wedding, after the soaking he ran of the run a marathon (literally). Our friends are so hardcore lol) Last year I also go soaked with this massive dry bag full of freezing water!

Our stash!
As you can see, there's a hot water bottle in the back for a little treat at the end. (I'm a good wifey. I couldn't just let him freeze to death, now could I?) :P
 In true Miggy fashion, he came out last. Our little group was standing around waiting and waiting. Watching everyone else getting attacked. Our friends all looked at me...Chamonix, are you sure he's coming? He does know we're going to be here right? I'll admit I was a little nervous for a moment that he'd run away or gotten lost (as if he could possibly get lost in this tiny town that we know like the back of our own hands lol). 
Finally, we spotted him! I've got the whole thing on video but today the video gods are NOT on my side so you'll have to wait to see it. To give you an idea of what it was like, here are some photos of Collie and friend soaking another exam-finisher. lol (When it comes down to it, all soakings really look quite similar anyway hehe)
Once all the water was gone....
This is Jenni, she and Migs were best friends in high school. She's lovin it! He's freezin!

We walked home. Poor migs was dripping the whole way. Half way through town our friend Diana came running up with a tea-pot full of water for him...muahhaha just when he thought he was in the clear lol
We were happy :D

I'm so proud of him :D