Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Erik & Melissa's Woodinville Wedding :: Insider Info

For weeks I've been talking about my trip to Seattle (back in March) to shoot Erik & Melissa's wedding and finally the time has come when I can share the images with you! I've had to be patient and wait to publish my perspective of their day because I was working as a second shooter at this wedding and the first photographer (Bryce Covey) had expressed his desire to publish his work first. Fair enough. 

Bryce's photos went online a couple days ago and I shortly after I received an email from Melissa saying she was ready and excited to see my photos. Their photos were ready and waiting but just as I was about to reply to her message I had a chance to some of Bryce's photos and I had a last minute freak out. 
I realised that in the past two months since their wedding I've improved so much, particularly in my post-processing (aka editing/photo shop) work that I was no longer proud of the images I'd created for them back in March. I saw too many flaws — I thought they looked cold and flat and  I just knew I could make them better. The only hitch was that I hve a 24 hour reply rule in my office so I had to get back to Melissa within 1 day. I didn't want to send her the images as they were and I didn't want to tell her she had to wait while I re-edited them. As far as I was concerned, there was one option — I had to re-edit the whole thing in 24 hours. 
Now that's not an impossible task by any means but it felt more daunting when I realised that I was going to have recreate their slideshow & their album design using the re-edited images. The design of these projects isn't the time consuming's the uploading of all the photos to each of the different creation software programmes. Despite it's beautifulness, I feared my semi-ancient MacBook Pro wouldn't be able to keep up. To top it all off, I was also in the middle of editing another wedding and another engagement session!
Well, my Mac & I made it! I jumped out of bed bright and early on Friday morning, reopened Melissa & Erik's Lightroom Catalogue & set to work recreating their images. The second I was finished exporting them I began my simultaneous uploads to SWAT Designer for their album, SHOWIT WEB for their slideshow and PASS for their online gallery. I had to babysit these uploads (since my computer only felt like taking up a few photos at a time) and I used that time to select and prepare the images for their blog post. Phew! The slideshow finished first (right at that 24 hour mark) and I sent that over to Melissa & Erik as their preview session. I would have done that anyway but thankfully their preview session bought me some extra time to sort out their other goodies like putting final touches on their +site (wedding photography website). 

Melissa & Erik's wedding is now official re-edited and done! Woohoo — I survived! Now that I'm happier with the images (and proud of the fact I managed to recreate them all last minute — like the crazy person I am) I am seriously excited to share them all with you. I published their blog post & slideshow a couple days ago and it has been such a joy to hear people's comments and responses. Thank you all so much! The images I included in this post were screen shots from my super-speed re-edit so you could see a snippet of what they looked like and how I feel I improved them :D I love before & afters! hehe

I haven't seen my husband in the past couple days so I'll need to go give him some attention now — I think he's been occupying himself with 'How to Train Your Dog' videos on YouTube (yep...he's pretty cool lol).