Saturday, May 12, 2012

Old Fruit Market Wedding in Glasgow :: Celeste & Neil

Welcome to the wonderful land of Celeste & Neil's Old Fruit Market wedding. There's a glamorous 1950's theme floating in the air and an adorable flower girl running around in Hello Kitty shoes! This wedding was all about awesome shoes; in addition to the Hello Kitty wonders, Celeste, our lovely bride wore Vivienne Westwood love heart heels that literally smelled like bubblegum and her bridesmaids' heels were covered in golden sparkles. Looking back through my photos I've noticed that I clearly saw the day through black & white and golden tinted glasses. Everywhere I looked, there was something classic and/or shiny. My camera was also glued to the gorgeous Isla (flower girl) whose eyes were full of a story and her mummy was the maid-of-honour! Celeste was wearing beautiful vintage jewellery borrowed from her grandma-in-law :D I thought that was particularly lovely.
I told you the shoes were cool, didn't I?
All of the bridesmaids had their hair shaped into these gorgeous side buns with a braid across the top. It's probably one of my favourite hairstyles to date! Heather, Eleanor and Cheryl were amazing bridesmaids who kept looking after me all day long, trying to feed me and give me water. So sweet!

Oh, the corset moment. It was really funny actually; one of the bridesmaids picked it up, turn it around, stared down at it and looked over her shoulder for how does this thing work?
Clearly, they figured it out but what an effort! Imagine doing that everyday!! I'm seriously glad I live in a time when I can get away with yoga pants and a hoodie on a daily basis. :)
Apparently, Isla and her mummy like to do yoga together and they aren't bad at dancing either! Cheryl encouraged Isla to demonstrate some of her groovy skills for my camera. She also showed me 'The Tree' posture and when they had enough of dancing they sat down on the sofa and started making funny faces at each other. Isla copied every face her mum made and I loved how Cheryl would then burst into laughter.
Cute, eh? So the question is...what is Isla looking at? Was she was watching Celeste step into her wedding dress? Was she watching TV? Maybe she was tired/bored of bridal preparations? Or perhaps she was staring out the window at the wedding taxi's arriving? I know the answer but for now I think I'll leave you in suspense. The mystery makes me feel all deep and artistic :P hehe

Celeste & Neil said 'I do' in the City Halls in Glasgow city centre. There was this fantastic grand staircase inside with red velvety carpet. I think I have a secret passion for shooting down staircases — it's an angle that just makes everyone look so elegant. 
It made me happy to see that Celeste was wearing a Dolce & Gabbana fragrance! They're my favourite so I HAD to take a photo!!! :D
Hello boys! These guys were the most entertaining part of the whole day. I had a great time trying to make them blush in front of the curious general public. They were totally up for it though and they actually did what I said (miniature power rush for a little girlie like me - jokes). But seriously, it does feel quite cool to have a whole group of guys hanging off my every word (terrified of what I'm going to ask them to do next no doubt lol). How about skipping?...

Oh, the shoes..... Make me happy :)
Celeste made this beautiful seating chart and named each table after a favourite city. If I remember correctly she found the frame for a fancy bargain somewhere — so brides...keep your eyes peeled because there are fabulous decorations where you least expect them! 
Why hello beautiful flowers by the very talented Miss. Sophie at "I Heart Flowers". Her slogan is "Floral Magic for Special Times" — gotta love that! The bouquets were marvelous bursts of happy colours that punctuated the refined golden theme of the day. (ooohh Did I seriously just write that sentence?! Sounds very bourgeois lol)
Highlight of the reception :: the bride's birdcage hat caught on fire! How? Nobody knows. Never would you anticipate that just a few moments later, a guests' purse also caught on fire!
So like I said... a pop-tastic venue. Just like the happy bouquets, the Old Fruit Market was exploding with colour (in a good way). All around the room you could read the old signs from the market where various vendors had their stalls. I love this kind of history that you only seem to find in Europe. It's so cool :D Just before the guests were allowed into the room, the fog machine was switched on and because of the coloured lighting, the whole room was glowing! 

While I was busy taking dancing photos, my fabo second-shooter, Ben, was manning their vintage photo booth. I'm so glad that I had Ben by my side that day. This was my first full wedding as the lead photographer (previously I'd only shot James & Agatha's Royal Mile Elopement (not as challenging as a full wedding) and Melissa & Erik's Wedding in Woodinville, Washington where I was essentially a second shooter.) Thank you so much Celeste & Neil for having faith in me and allow me to photograph your beautiful wedding! You were all so supportive and lots of fun :D

To see more of Celeste & Neil's Old Fruit Market Wedding, CLICK HERE for their slideshow or watch it here ::


Dresses :: Flossy & Dossy
Flowers :: I Heart Flowers
Venue :: Glasgow City Halls & Old Fruit Market
Shoes :: Vivienne Westwood
Second Shooter :: Ben Kenny