Thursday, May 31, 2012

Old Course Hotel, St. Andrews :: Bridal Shower

I felt a bit like a zoo animal on the loose in the Ritz Carlton last Thursday. I walked into the lobby and asked the concierge in the kilt if he could escort me to the main bar, hoping he wouldn't notice my bike helment hanging of the side of my bag — it would have looked much better if I'd been twirling some Mercedes keys in my fingers. Anywhozie, past the massive floral displays, walls covered with mirrors and marble floors I was taken to the mirrored elevator. Floor 4 please.

The lift stopped a couple times to let hotel guests on, my eyes widening as I peered out into the hotel hallways. I'd forgotten that this 'chateau' stationed in the center of the world's most famous golf course was actually a working hotel...with real live guests and turn-down service and chocolates on the pillows. In my mind I guess it had almost just become a fancy ornament that served hors d'oeuvres to the town's overly-wealthy aristocratic students.

I'd only been in the building once before and that was for a  fashion show, so again, not exactly a 'normal' experience. This time I entered the bar, bike helment swinging in toe, and was greeted by the curious eyes of what I judged to be a sample of New England's finest families — on golfing holidays and visiting their children at university. Having grown up in 'granola-land' Seattle where the masses wear jeans and Birkenstocks, I still find it surprising to see American's (in the flesh) that look as if they've just emerged from the pages of a catalogue — fancy hats and tailored jackets. But on with the show...I found Brittany at the bar, sorting out a booking 'issue' with a waiter who couldn't find our reservation. In the end that little mishap just meant free drinks and a glorious seat on the balcony...perfect for a surprise bridal shower!!!

One by the one the girls started arriving, everyone excited but hesitant. I apparently was the only one who had ever been to a bridal shower (it was my own) hehe We had pretty treats to eat, a bit of bubbly and no idea what we were going to do when Louise (our beautiful bride-to-be) arrived. 

We decided to play a question game, quizzing Louise on what she thought Mike's (her fiance) answers would be to the same questions. This of course, required that we had Mike's answers would be. Cue...stressed and frantic moment of trying to get Mike on the phone without Louise noticing or arriving prematurely.  Lots of nervous giggles, shaky fingers desperately trying to dial numbers and scrambling for pieces of paper. SUCCESS!

Louise thought her bridesmaids had won vouchers for drinks at the Old Course Hotel Bar....little did she expect our SURPRISE!!!!!!! She really loved it and was so happy to see some of her friends from school were able to make it. It was especially wonderful because term has just come to an end and all of these girls are going their separate ways for the summer. Her bridal shower was a last hoooorah!

As a gift, I'd chosen one of my favourite photos from Louise & Mike's engagement session and had it printed out nice & big & mounted for them. It was soo exciting watching her unwrap it and since I'd chosen a sweet one, as the tissue paper was peeled back a big 'awwwww' went around the table :P hehe (My job makes gift giving so easy! — people always like photos hehe)
It was such an honour to have been invited along to Louise's bridal shower. + Fab to meet more of her friends & to finally enjoy the 'Old Course Hotel Experience' before my days at St. Andrews come to a beautiful end. Thanks again ladies for letting me celebrate with you!