Monday, May 28, 2012

Marvelous Monday :: Random Inspiration from the Week

This beautiful week of sunshine has given me so much joy. I especially appreciated it since while the sun was lifting me up, a simultaneous attack of sickness & hay-fever has been bringing me down :( For the first time in months I've actually lied around on a bed not wanting to move a muscle while watching films and NOT multi-tasking. I don't think I can remember the time I watched a film by myself without simultaneously (used that word twice in one paragraph...shame on me hehe) juggling at least two other mini projects and digital errands. So as you can imagine...I've had some time to surf the web and reel in some pretty funky random finds this week :D Enjoy!

This requires major patience!! I'm impressed :)
Cut Paper Correspondence by Annie Vought
This would be so gorgeous over a kitchen island I think.
"Rain" by Stacee Kalmonovsky SEE MORE HERE: Behance

Here are some genius living ideas that I discovered on THE DAILY BUZZ. There's loads more HERE but I took screen shots of my favourite ones to share with you right here :D....

I seriously seriously seriously want to try this cookie cup one. YUMM!!! Right, I actually think I'm going to go do this right now. I've been thinking about cookies for days and it's about time that I give in. hehe