Friday, May 25, 2012

I Just Enrolled at the [b] school!

Finally finally finally! I signed up for the [b] school! Seriously about time!
What on earth am I talking about?
The [b] school was started by fabo photographer, Christopher Becker in sunny California, as a way to help wedding & portrait photographers share knowledge, become friends and support each other's businesses.

I've been peering in from the outside for a few months, eavesdropping on all the wonderful things that have been going on and wondering when I would jump off the diving board and join the party. Well, yesterday was when. It's silly how I know I'm going to do something but sometimes it takes me forever to do it.

I've still got to set up my profile and all that good stuff before I can really dig in but I'm seriously excited to start getting more involved in the photography community. I've found it really difficult building relationships with other photographer since starting my business and I want to blame this largely on location. Living at the edge of a Scottish Peninsula surrounded by the North Sea and farmers fields isn't exactly ideal for networking (oh no, I'm becoming one of those people who networks...eeek!).

I think the location thing is really just an excuse for me not taking initiative to build relationships digitally and then pursuing them in person later. Whatever, no looking back. I'm on board now and ready to start putting together some creative teams full of people who are as passionate and committed as I feel I am. Wow, what did I just write? Sounds all gung-ho and [b] school evangelistic. LOL

Right, that's my two cents for today. Go make friends!!!!!