Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Husband :: AKA My New Second Shooter!

OMG I'm so excited for Ruthie & James' wedding in Edinburgh this weekend! I've been looking forward to it for months and now it's going to be even better (at least I think it is) because my wonderful husband (the Mig-myster) will be accompanying me as a second shooter!

He's been so supportive of me over the past 8 months since I started my business. He is forgiving of my long hours, multi-tasking and sacrifices. I must mention that he is also a major financial investor in my business — he paid for my beautiful Canon 5D Mark II! I love that guy! (Thank you so much Miggy for being so generous --- I know you're secretly reading this in the computer lab hehe).

Anyway, as supportive as he has been of me, he hasn't been too interested in the photography itself. Of course, will all the stellar husband-wife photog teams out there, how could my mind now venture into the possibilities of one day working with Miggy?! It would be so much fun (a real challenge to work so closely with him and share my business which is so personal to me) but fun!

I don't know what he'll think of his experience this weekend. He'll be shooting with my first camera — the fantabulous Sony A200 (don't hate — it got me started :P) and I'm also planning on supplying him with a FLIP so he can snag video clips not only of Ruthie & James' gorgeous wedding at Fettes (eeek!) but also of me in action — footage that I'm seriously lacking and in great need of.

I hope he likes it. We'll see :P He has agreed to let me give him some pointers and tips sometimes this week so he can have some idea of what he's doing. He's so brave — he is literally diving into not the deep-end, but the ocean! He probably knows more than he thinks he does though considering he spends half of his life over-hearing creativeLIVE courses blasting out from my computer hehe

I'm also excited for him to see me working and being all "professional". Sometimes he doesn't take me very seriously and he finds it difficult to imagine me being "mature" and in control of a situation because at home I'm all cuddly, addicted to talking in stupid baby voices and constantly talking about other photographers I look up to. At home I don't exactly exude the aura of a glamorous photographer hehe I need to work on that.

So yeps, check back in a week to see how we get on as a husband-wife team and I'll tell you if it was all hearts and butterflies like I imagined...or not :P