Sunday, October 23, 2011

T&G Shoot, Style 2

These two beautiful ladies worked so well together. They were stunning! It was fun seeing how their hair styles were different but essentially the same — the twirls were just on different sides of the head. We decided to put the leather belt around Rebecca's neck on a whim and I'm really pleased we did because I think it looks really cool. I love the detail Elisabeth's blouse too! Again, Gayleigh Chester of Pin Curls & Lace pulled off two more gorgeous hair styles and Hannah Rose tackled make-up. Those two are so great to work with & uber talented. Gayleigh brough along her daughter to the shoot who is only a wee baby still. It was so lovely to have her giggling/crying in the background. I had a chance to snap a photos of her chubby little face which was great for my children portraits portfolio :) I know I'm talking about my own photos here but I particularly like this batch. I'm really proud of them. I find them really mesmerising but I think 99% of the credit goes to hair, make-up & models! And a massive thank you to Toni&Guy Salon in Edinburgh for letting us use their super cool salon! 
{Make-Up: Hannah Rose)
{Models: Rebecca Rose & Elisabeth Kjellgren}
{Location: Toni&Guy Salon in Edinburgh}