Saturday, October 15, 2011

Branding Doubts & Candy Houses


Apart from going downstairs this morning to wash some dishes (exciting right?) I've been sitting in bed all day on my computer. I'm editing photos from a photo shoot that I did about a month ago at Tony&Guy Salon in Edinburgh. I'm still frustrated with the photo quality & the mistakes that I made (I have so much to learn - like how to use my camera for starters) but there are a couple photos that I'm really like (yay!). It's such a wonderful thing seeing a nice photo come out of my camera— it's really reassuring me that maybe I can do this whole photography thing!

I'm struggling again with branding designs. I have so many doubts running through my head about how my website looks and even the name of the business. Most successful photographers have named their businesses after themselves. In the beginning, I figured I would do that too but I don't think my name rolls of the tongue smoothly enough :( boo. People always tell me that I have an interesting name though so maybe it would catch peoples' eye, make me stand out from the crowd etc...? I went with Loveducks Photography instead cuz it's cute, catchier and still somewhat personal to me (I'll tell you why later if you're lucky hehe). I still wonder though if people won't feel as drawn to it because it is less personal than my name. Oh, I don't know. I wish I knew what other people (strangers, not my polite friends) thought about it. I would like to be confident in myself and my business but it's difficult to be confident when I'm not sure if I'm on the right track (branding wise). 

Just for the sake of sharing the love, here are a few (of my many million) screenshots of my branding designs & ideas:

PS: I seriously need to comb my hair today before my dreadknots become dreadlocks.

Also, thought for the day...Don't judge someone before walking a mile in their moccasins. Here's a cartoon to prove it: