Monday, October 17, 2011

Showit is Eating Me Alive!

This weekend I was eaten alive by Showit. I saw it advertised on Jasmine Star's blog and decided I'd try it. It's $39/month and it's a drag & drop website designer. Normally I stay super far away from drag & drop cuz I find it tends to look quite amateur but Showit is different because you can drag & drop absolutely anywhere you like!

{In my last post I said I was going to buy Fotomagica. Totally scratched that idea. I went for Showit instead because they include slideshows in their websites.}

Can you believe that I didn't sleep for like 35 hours or something? I bought Showit and then just stayed awake designing webpage after webpage (I'm still trying to make one worth using). I even went to work yesterday too! I dozed off slightly at the very end of my shift because I was leaning against the warm radiator hehe

My husband made us pancakes last night for dinner. Technically, I was suppose to be the one making the pancakes but my face was glued to my computer screen looking at websites and websites and more websites. ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Miggy is so fantastic. I spend more time with my computer than I do with him at the moment which is very lame and he doesn't like it but when I put on a cute face and explain how starting up a business is time consuming he is quite patient and encouraging. He is right though that I make more work for myself that I need to. I've become a self-diagnosed workaholic.

I'm leaving for crystal shop work in 15 minutes. It's been sunny and not tooo cold in St. Andrews. All the leaves are turning orange and I can't wait to get my Canon 5d mark ii because I'm just bursting at the seams to start learning what it can do. I haven't arranged any photo shoots lately but maybe with my new camera I'll feel some motivation?

I keep checking my email inbox hoping they're be a wedding booking but for the time being it remains relatively empty :( I'm also waiting to hear back from a few people who have expressed interest. I hope they decide to use me,...hope hope hope :)

:) Cham