Monday, October 17, 2011

Inspiration Words from Chase Jarvis & The Colour Purple (Not the Book)

At the moment I'm finding Chase Jarvis (who's from Seattle btw woot woot!) and Jasmine Star very inspirational. I've been watching a video or two from them each evening after work while I've been working on my new website.

Speaking of new website is up and running!!!!!!!! I'm so excited about it! I've made it more colourful and it includes slideshows. I'm still having to use quite a lot of the same photos around the site but soon (I have faith) I will have a larger portfolio to draw from so I won't have to repeat any photos and they won't all be from the same shoots. hehe.

I can't believe how much I've been working on this website — not stressed about it but definitely obsessed! Jasmine Star goes on and on about having your business represent who you 'is' and I love her encouraging words, they really really help me. I think my road block isn't not that I'm afraid of being who I is, rather it's that I'm not entirely sure who I am? Confusing grammer, sorry.

I like so many different styles and colours it makes life very difficult for me. Everything from choosing out bath towels to designing websites requires me to pick styles and colours and I can't stand it! It drives me mental. Life must be so much easier for someone who is obsessed with one colour or models their life after one decade. You know, I actually know two different people who both are so in love with the colour purple that every single piece of clothing they wear including the bags, bens, notebooks, jewellery, (and probably furniture although I wouldn't know since I've never been to their houses). There must be something about the colour purple that gets people obsessed! Sometimes on accident I put on a purple hoodie & my purple leggings and I can only look at myself in the mirror for about 3 seconds before I'm convinced I look like a walking grape and I have to change right there and then. hehe