Tuesday, October 25, 2011

First Shoots & Yellow Handbag

 This past weekend, I shot my first proper engagement session & wedding! It went very well. The engagement shoot was in Leith, Edinburgh. We had lots of fun. The couple had a tumb war, jumped in puddles and hung from monkey bars. I'm still editing the photos but I'll put them up soon for you to see, promise :) Yesterday morning I shot my first wedding up on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. Those photos will be up soon too. The bride's dress was so beautiful! The wind was caught in the fabric and made it float up — gorgeous! So excited about the photos! I can already see the lessons I've learned from just these two shoots. I'm also starting to see some trends emerging in my photos which are pointing towards the development of my own style. Very exciting! After the wedding yesterday I walked back to my in-law's via Princes Street Gardens and I had the chance to snap some candid photos. I also had a great chat with an artist who was painting with his easel. It was really encouraging to have a chat with an artist who could look at some of my photos and give me feed back. I also saw a couple walking through the park and I took a few sneaky photos of them from behind. I loved the girl's yellow bag! Right, off to edit photos :D