Monday, October 17, 2011


When I was 12 I took a computer class at school where I learned to type and make websites with HTML. It was probably the most useful class I've ever taken. Obviously, I still type. At the risk of exposing my nerdiness now, I'll admit that sometimes I actually do typing racing online. Don't tease me till you try it! Seriously LOL
Somehow, my primary school computer education has convinced me that I am capable of designing my own website & making fancy things like contact forms (bane of my current existence), enlarged images and slideshows. I can easily spend an entire day staring into my computer writing code after code until I realise it's just not working and I give up.

Nevertheless, I always have a breakthrough eventually either by successfully 'unlocking the code' or by suddenly realising that all of my problems can be solved by hiring a professional web designer or by purchasing a special application. I suppose it always comes back to time and money.  I'm willing to spend time trying to do it myself until I can't stand spending another minute it on it and then I'm suddenly willing to spend money on it so I can save wasting any more time.

Anyway, I'm sick of learning Javascript for slideshows so tonight I'm going to buy myself FotoMagico (for Mac) which markets itself as...

"Award-winning slideshow software for professional photographers. Turn your pictures and movies into a story with a few simple clicks and present it in high resolution."

I hope it's going to save me time and make money (by impressive all of my clients of course). I'll let you know how it goes :P 

I've been making lots of trial slideshows with god knows how many different programes. Here's a fantastic (jokes) one I made of my husband 'playing' a squash and the inside of my refrigerator lol

gosh how exciting lol

Chamonix :)