Saturday, October 29, 2011

Royal Mile Wedding: James +Agata

James & Agata came up to Edinburgh from Oxford for their private ceremony on the Royal Mile. It was a beautiful blue sky day and the wind was blowing Agata's flowy dress around which was so beautiful! They were such a lovely couple to photograph — all they did was smile and laugh (I think they have two of the best smiles out there!) They'd also hired a bagpiper to walk around with us — love it! Everything was red, her bouquet, her shoes, his tie, the stripes in the bagpiper's kilt, my coat & my bag (coincidence), the door, shops, marble pillars & ribbons they posed in front of etc... We walked around the royal mile taking photos before & after the ceremony which was held in the Registrar's Office. We tried to take some photos in front of the castle but we got told off because you have to pay to have wedding photos there. Whoopsie :P We ended up taking photos on Victoria St. which is just below the Royal Mile and I love it because it's on a hill, cobbled, curved and lined with colourful shopfronts! After the wedding James & Agata headed off for a private meal and weekend in the city. They were so happy, it was a pleasure to photograph them :)

To see more of James & Agata's Royal Mile Wedding, feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow.

Congratulations James & Agata!