Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Canon EOS 5D Mark II !!!!! (+Ordering Lenses Stress)

Another great video from Seattle (represent!) FULL of great life & photography insights:

Written earlier today: {OMG OMG OMG I am so super duper excited. I'm writing this post from behind the counter at work and I'll publish it later but I just couldn't wait to declare my excitement for today's delivery. I received an long awaited email yesterday morning from the seller telling me that it was shipped yesterday and would arrive before 1pm TODAY! EEEEEE! I'm at work and Miggy is supposed to be in a class (although its very probably that he may still be in bed - don't want to underestimate my love though so I'll say he's in class) so neither of us will be there to collect it :( I hope they just leave the package inside the door. Haha it's like a baby — I can't wait to hold it. LOL this is very silly but OMG I'm excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!}

Also, my brand new website went live last night! I've spiced it up a bit from my first website. This one has colourful buttons (because I'm absolutely in love with colour), and it has slideshows!! Exciting! :D (Maybe only exciting for me though because everyone else will only visit it for a minute and then move on and forget about it. I tried to make the website represent my personality and style but it's sooo difficult to 1st figure out what I want to capture (who am i? what is my personality anyway?) and then 2nd finding the best way to capture it (should I have colourful buttons to represent my happy personality? should i have it all b&w to show i'm professional etc… oh the decision that come with starting your own photography business)

{Later} So I got home from work around 6 this evening and it's nearly midnight now and I literally have spent all this time trying to buy a couple new lenses for my 5d Mark II. I've had such hassle with these lenses this week. I bought them online when I got the camera and then one lens was out of stock and then one company canceled my payment for some reason and then I forgot to order a new one and then I got confused about which one I had already ordered and then one of them ship but which one? Oh dear. I think it's sorted now though. What a headache — searching for the right equipment for me and then finding the best price online and then wrestling with shipping prices vs. speed of delivery (cuz I want it NOW of course hehe). My head hurts but the weight is now off my shoulders.

{Great News} It's funny how I spent most of today worrying about whether I was ever going to get more clients and whether Loveducks is going to succeed and then I got home and found two booking requests in my email inbox! Oh how the universe likes to solve my problems. I had a very excitable evening — first I was jumping around (practically having a seizure of joy) as I held my new camera in my hands and then I was bouncing off the walls at the prospect of new clients (a.k.a. a chance to put my new camera into action and meet lovely people of course hehe)!!

I should probably go to bed now since I've missed a few nights of sleep this week. 
Sleep well everybody! I know I will :)